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Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles

Aggressively Defending Clients Against All Types of Drug Charges

In Southern California, the attorney you should contact when an arrest for serious drug charges jeopardizes your liberties and livelihood is Mike Cavalluzzi, founder of the boutique defense law firm Cavalluzzi Law.

Backed by more than 27 years of trial experience, our drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles have seen criminal law work for clients on both sides of the aisle. Our attorney's background as public defender and criminal prosecutor uniquely qualifies Mike to represent your interests.

We Have a Comprehensive Understanding of Criminal Law

Mike knows how law enforcement officials can overstep their bounds in arresting individuals for possession or distribution of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine. We know prosecutors’ strategies and counter with timely tactics of our own. We also know how to prepare a convincing case for court, collecting facts and evidence for persuasive presentations that connect with judges and juries.

Best of all, Mike Cavalluzzi knows how to get results.

Our skilled lawyer protects your rights in state and federal court against drug charges, such as:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacture
  • Drug sale and delivery
  • Drug cultivation and importation
  • Drug possession, including simple possession and possession for sale or distribution
  • Sale and distribution of party drugs, designer drugs, and illegally obtained prescription drugs

At Cavalluzzi Law, we access expert investigative resources who examine the circumstances of your arrest for any sign of illegal search and seizure that violates your rights. We zealously safeguard the interests of juveniles arrested for possession of marijuana or cocaine, or for DUI drugs. Everything we do, we do to preserve your freedoms and future.

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We regularly defend clients facing drug charges in courts in Burbank, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, and throughout Southern California.

Contact our skilled drug crimes lawyer in Los Angeles immediately if you have been arrested. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Call us at (323) 467-2300.

Case Results

Your Victories are Our Victories
  • Jury Verdict: Not Guilty on All Charges
  • Jury Verdict: Not Guilty on All Charges
  • All Criminal Charges Dismissed Following 11-1 Hung Jury
  • All Serious Felony Charges Suspended in Favor of Informal Diversion and Dismissal
  • All Felony Embezzlement Charges Dropped in Favor of Misdemeanor Diversion and Dismissal
  • Orange County 2nd DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving After 10-2 Hung Jury
  • All Charges Dismissed After 11-1 Hung Jury
  • All Serious Felony Charges Dismissed in Favor of Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace

Client Testimonials

The Opinions that Matter Most
  • “I did not think anything would come of the case but here I am happy to say that I was awarded the full amount allowable by the other party.”

    Caleb M.

  • “Thanks again for all you've done for my husband we are extremely grateful and happy with the outcome.”

    Dina O.

  • “I am pleased to be able to recommended this firm and wish the the best if you are looking and need help.”

    Melissa B.

  • “She was able to argue them and get them both dismissed and his license reinstated.”

    John V.

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