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A criminal record can have a significant impact on your life, including keeping you from holding certain jobs and gaining licensure in some professions. It can also potentially prevent you from obtaining housing or certain loans.

Fortunately, California law allows criminal records to be expunged in certain situations. At Cavalluzzi Law, our Los Angeles expungement lawyer advises clients and guides them through the legal process.

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When Expungement Is Permitted

Expungement releases the individual from the penalties and disabilities that arise from a criminal conviction. This means that the individual is not required to disclose their conviction to potential employers, even after the employer has made an offer.

The job market is highly competitive, and having your record expunged is beneficial when looking for work or obtaining and maintaining professional licensure in the state.

Expungement is possible when the applicant:

  • Has not committed any new crimes
  • Has successfully completed probation
  • Has served a jail sentence and been released
  • Is not currently facing charges or on probation

Can a Sex Offender Charge Be Expunged?

Not all criminal convictions are eligible for expungement. For example, convictions for sex offenses committed against children cannot be expunged. In addition, the applicant must have successfully completed all terms of probation prior to having the conviction expunged.

There may be other forms of post-conviction relief available, depending on the circumstances. Discuss your situation with a Los Angeles expungement attorney to learn how the law applies to your case.

Filing a Petition for Expungement

There are several steps that must be completed in order to have a record expunged. The assistance of an experienced attorney is recommended, as the process can feel overwhelming.

Our criminal defense lawyer will assess your case to determine if expungement is possible, conduct all necessary legal research, file the required paperwork, and attend the expungement hearing with you.

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Case Results

Your Victories are Our Victories
  • Jury Verdict: Not Guilty on All Charges
  • Jury Verdict: Not Guilty on All Charges
  • All Criminal Charges Dismissed Following 11-1 Hung Jury
  • All Serious Felony Charges Suspended in Favor of Informal Diversion and Dismissal
  • All Felony Embezzlement Charges Dropped in Favor of Misdemeanor Diversion and Dismissal
  • Orange County 2nd DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving After 10-2 Hung Jury
  • All Charges Dismissed After 11-1 Hung Jury
  • All Serious Felony Charges Dismissed in Favor of Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace

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    John V.

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